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Combat Veteran. Super feminist.
Storyteller. Universe dweller.
Fearlessly passionate. Still ghetto fabulous.


About the Author

Cynthia hates writing her own bio. In her down-time, you can find her watching movies, ranging anywhere from classic to action flicks (she has a weakness for Marvel adaptations), and reading any novel she can get her hands on.


 A Brand New Cover

Teófila’s Guide to Saving the Sun

Same story, new cover!

We’re all saving somebody.


Since the day she met Elijah, Teófila’s been the one being saved.


But after a terrifying encounter precedes his skyrocket to fame and fortune, the tables turn, and he loses his way back to her.


Now, years later, it’s Teófila’s turn to do the rescuing, even after he’s left her behind.


We’re all saving somebody, even when we can’t save ourselves.


But what happens when best friends become forgotten lovers?

Or when it’s the moon’s turn to light the sun?


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